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A report from CEB|SHL Talent Measurement shows how

JFY provides job opportunity across multiple organization - JFY is working closely with many large,growing and established players across industries. The parent organization Confluence Consulting has been working with most of the organisations in providing them talent across mid, senior and leadership roles. We offer the following services for candidates:

With around 550m of India’s 1.2bn population aged under 25, an estimated 12m young people will be entering the country’s job market each year for the next two decades, but only about 2 percent of new jobseekers as yet have had formal training. Companies regularly complain of the intense difficulty of finding appropriately skilled, employable workers for jobs such as sales or customer service, while poorly-educated young people struggle to find remunerative work.

The 3 pillars of education are:

You have built a strong foundation by studying through your 10th, 12th, Graduation or Post Graduation. Formal education is predominantly in the area of KNOWING which technical knowledge you have gained. But, this is not 100% as most formal curriculums don’t reflect the current needs of the industry.

The DOING which is the application of technical knowledge is very limited till graduation, post graduates have on the job training etc, but that too is not fully in sync with what the employer is looking for, hence limited.

Finally BEING which addresses the behavioral / soft skills aspect is practically missing from the Indian formal curriculum, if present it is just another subject taught in a classroom with limited experiential learning, hence not much is assimilated and imbibed into one's personality.

As young adults you need to invest in the your K and B to give yourself the edge in employability. Augment your KNOWING with job specific certifications & courses so that you are knowledgeable about the job and have an edge in the interview amongst the many other aspirants.

Invest in your BEING as well with soft skills programs to build your personality across Communication, Spoken English, Grooming and Hygiene, Resume creation, Interviewing skills etc.

JFY is equipped to provide all the technical job related courses across Banking, Retail, Hospitality, that are needed by the youth to enhance your knowledge and build their capability to max the job interview.

Employability Depends on-

  • YOUR assets in terms of the knowledge, skills and attitudes you possess. (K&B)
  • The way YOU use and deploy those assets. (D)
  • The way YOU present them to employers. (Sell)

Employability depends on many other elements then just the degree/qualification you have as shown below. You need to build all the elements to be able to shine and get your DREAM JOB.

Where are SKILLS developed?

In your classroom.
In your interaction with Faculty/Students.
In your internship.
In your assessments.
In your tasks given to you by your tutors.
Specific modules relating to skills development.

Before you get ready to sell your skills to employers you need to build them from various sources:

Your graduation / post graduation curriculum.
Incremental job / industry specific certifications.
On the job trainings / internships / Projects.
Activities in Social networks – Linked In, Blogs, FB etc.

A set of achievements, understandings and personal attributes that make individuals more likely to gain employment and be successful in their chosen careers. (Knight and Yorke).

Keeping in line with our philosophy of building the right inputs to build your “K” Quotient we are Introducing an AICTE approved 12 month MBA with specialisation in Wealth Management and Family Office at Universal Business School Karjat, Maharashtra, India

Most relevant industry specific MBA for the growing Wealth Management Industry

We all know that India is seeing, and will continue to see vibrant growth in the wealth of its High Networth(HNI) / Ultra High Networth(UHNI) citizens, in the coming years. The combined wealth in India as per the Cap Gemini report is over $600 Billion with over 150K families, and majority of them are seeking professional advise. The Karvy Wealth report states overall individual wealth expected to grow at a CAGR of 14%.

The wealth held by individuals in financial assets has grown by 84% in the last 5 years at a CAGR of 13%. Considering the fact that the economy had not shown healthy growth in this period, this gives an indication of how wealth will grow when the Indian economy does well in the next 5 years.

Overall Indian individual wealth is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.86% and double over the next 5 years. Wealth held by individual in financial assets is expected to double in next 4 years at a CAGR of 18.25%. Wealth in physical asset is also expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.03% in the five years.

With the market poised to grow substantially in the coming years, all institutions dealing with this customer segment would need trained manpower, who understands the clients complex needs and provide them the right advise. There are many programs that claim to train the students for this segment but we offer an AICTE approved MBA with 2 of the best international certifications from USA in Wealth Management and Family Office to get the students to be fully ready for their job.

About the program

A full time 12 month specialised MBA which prepares the students to address the growing needs of wealth management, preferred banking, private client and family office clients, with all the technical and domain knowledge required to manage such clients. Trained by the best faculty from UBS and domain experts from industry. View Brochure

Get multiple benefits with this industry relevant MBA program:

  • Start working within 12 months.
  • Better ROI on your investments.
  • Triple certification as under -
    1. AICTE Approved MBA program for 12 months only.
    2. Chartered Wealth Management (CWM) certificate from American Academy of Financial Management – comprehensive and NISM approved wealth management certification in the country.
    3. Chartered Family Office Specialist (CFOS) from Florida Atlantic University (FAU) and Family Office Institute Florida – One of the best family office certifications in the world.
  • Universal Business School has been endorsed by 60 CEOs and provides World Class faculty.
  • Sessions taken by experts from Industry.
  • 4th Ranked best Pvt Business School in Mumbai.
  • Industry relevant curriculum.

For more details about the program, visit us here.

100% Jobs placement assistance from JFY!

JFY will assist all graduates with placements in companies across the BFSI spectrum of Foreign banks, Private sector banks, NBFC’s brokerage houses, Wealth advisory firms, Real estate firms both in India and Middle East.Read More

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The purpose of the aptitude test is to test your work related perceptions, judgement and reasoning. In other words, your day to day activities on the job. In an aptitude test there is one correct answer, however the key to the test is how quickly you are able to arrive at the correct answer. As such, aptitude tests are carried out under timed conditions.

According to psychologists, intelligence is based on concepts known as fluid and crystallised intelligence. Fluid intelligence is determined by the ability to think, reason and solve problems. Often this is more commonly known as the ability to "think on your feet". This element of intelligence is not normally linked to independent past experiences or education. It also determines how quickly you are able to pick up new skills and learn new information. This is supported by Jaeggi et al. who state that fluid intelligence is a complex human ability. It allows us to adapt our thinking to a new cognitive problem or situation, as such, fluid intelligence is critical for a wide variety of cognitive tasks, many of which are used in the employment environment. It is also considered to be one of the most important factors in learning.

In contrast, crystallised intelligence is the ability to use prior experiences and education and apply it to the new scenario. This type of intelligence is based upon facts and as such, crystallised intelligence improves with age.

Different employers will put different emphasis on testing these two parameters depending on the nature of the role or position. Your results achieved will be compared with others in the group (called a control) and a judgement will be taken on whether you progress.

There are a number of important facts about the aptitude test one should be aware of:
Approximately only 15% of all applicants pass the aptitude test successfully.
Your aptitude test results are usually kept or frozen for a period of time, most commonly a period of 2 years, during which you will not be able to repeat the aptitude tests.
The results of the psychometric tests in general and the aptitude tests in particular make up approximately 40-50% of your final score in the assessment centre.

The threshold for passing an aptitude test changes from one employer to the next. Some organisations will place a minimum threshold (e.g. 75%) in order to pass the aptitude testing part. Yet others decide that regardless of the score only the top few candidates will move on to the next stage of the assessment centre.

JFY will be launching assessments for career, personality, sales, operations, service etc soon. Watch out for details.

Aptitude Test

Fine tune your skills by preparing for aptitude tests. Check out the link below to start your aptitude test.

Psychometric Test

Want to succeed at Psychometric test? Follow the link below & prepare for yourself for interview.

A resume is your identification, something unique about you, to show prospective employers who and what you are.Your resume shows an employer that you care about a) your time and b) their time. It shows that you cared enough to take the time out of your day to create an informational page about your past job experience, education and contact info to give them so that they would take note of why they would hire you.

Follow the link to prepare a good resume

Resource Center

How to prepare for an interview?

Click on the link below to get tips on how to prepare for an interview.

Now days this is the latest trend of submitting your CV. Creating a video CV needs planning and execution. There are some key points one needs to take care of in order to make a good video CV like keeping it short, dressing correctly, talking slowly etc.

You can take a look at an Interesting video that gives you a good idea on how to create a video CV

We provide offline career counselling sessions for students who are not sure how to proceed in the life.

We are establishing a JFY campus ambassadors (JCA) network across the country in a phased manner. If you are studying in year 1, 2, 3 or final year and have still more than 10 months of college remaining then you can apply to be a JCA.

JFY Campus Ambassador (JCA):

  • Being a JCA is hard work, you need to be ambitious, passionate about assisting the college and your students in finding the right job/skill.
  • The effort you put in here will make you a well-rounded individual and develop skills that will be very helpful in the corporate world like – getting work done, dealing with people, networking, addressing issues, working with teams etc.
  • Of course, there would be some benefits if you wish to a JCA, as under:
    • Monthly mobile recharge voucher for phone every month. Of course you need to work.
    • An internship certificate from Jobs for Youth Pvt Ltd.
    • Access to free tickets for shows / online shopping vouchers/ parties.
  • You start as JCA and if you do a great job of enlisting students with their full profiles onto JFY, get video CVs uploaded on the site, do a survey on the type of jobs they are looking at, which type of companies they aspire for, alumni database collation, understand any special gaps the student feel they have vis-à-vis the job role they are aspiring for.

JCA Cluster Lead

  • If you are able to get a majority of the students to register (it is free) in say 6 months and you do an awesome job, you can become a JCA Cluster lead.
  • As a cluster lead you would then coordinate with the JCA of other colleges in the area allocated to you. Develop the catchment area and get JFY entrenched in the minds and hearts of the students/community.
  • You can get a stipend for the efforts you put in.
  • And of course a letter of work experience .

JCA City Head

  • If performance meets expectations then in another 6 months you can become a City Head.
  • In this position you would be representing the company in the city and meet with clients, work with local NGOs, communities, conduct job fairs etc.
  • If you do well as a city head then you can earn up to Rs. 10,000 a month.

If interested then apply NOW but only if you are serious to learn and work hard. We are looking for ambassadors in select sates/cities and will connect with you as soon as we activate the city of your location.


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