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About Us

We have seen many websites offering first and early jobs in India but the difficulty of getting the first job and a good career is still a challenge for most of the graduates. Read any research report and you will see that industry has jobs to offer but graduates are still looking for jobs. Whether this is to do with the industry not reaching where the graduate is available or the graduate is not meeting the standard the industry is looking for. Whatever the reason there is a mismatch. JFY aims to make it simple for the youth to launch or consolidate their careers.

At JFY we believe every student is unique and needs multiple ingredients to prepare for a career and getting that first job. The ingredients come from multiple sources such as technology, knowledge, network, friends, family, counsellors, job specific skilling etc. All these ingredients together help the student prepare himself to get the right job.

We at JFY are aiming to create such a marketplace that provides students and young graduates effective and efficient access to the resources they need to kickstart their careers. JFY is creating an eco-system where students find everything they want to understand their options, discover companies, prepare for interviews, write the right resumes, get skilled with the right knowledge and get connected to the right people, leading up to a great first job.

Our Vision

Lies in our reach - from metros to small towns in India and in our end-to-end process. We can test, interview, train and deploy for you.

Internal Vision

Caring & Engaged Employees.

External Vision

To be the market leaders in our industry matching personnel with clients requirements.

Internal Mission

To find & apply the correct models & tools to accurately access and source candidates for job positions.

External Mission

Support our clients in identifying the right person for the right job.

The JFY Advisory Board

With close to 100 man years of experience in running businesses, we understand your needs.

Raj Mahadev

Founder and CEO

An MBA, CFP, CWM with over 25 years of experience in Financial Services and Education Industry.

Sunil Shukla

Founder and CEO

A Post graduate in Business Management with over 20 years of experience as an enterpreneur across Assets, BPO and Human Resources.

Santosh Mayekar

Founder and CEO

A Post graduate in Human Resource Management from Welingkars, he has over 18 years experience across Logistics, Financial Services and Hospitality.

Raj Barai

Founder and CEO

Over 27 years of experience across Financial Services, in Sales, Business Development, Distribution & Training.


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